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  • The Travel Industry Pushes Towards Greener Futures

    by Sam Marquit on June 3, 2013 · 0 comments


    As a commercial contractor, you build and inspect all types of structures. Working in the tourism and travel industry has given me some perspective on how businesses are building new facilities and what ways they could actually save on energy. To put it simply, businesses really should take a look at the waste that they produce and figure out if it’s worth the depletion of Earth’s resources. When you think about future generations and how they will see this world, it’s imperative that businesses make changes that will impact society. There are a few different green initiatives going on right now that are really inspiring, and multiple hotels have also made changes to help with this cause.

    By using economic power, the Green America initiative wants to help make society see the benefits of environmental sustainability and socially just practices. A majority of the communities in America is relatively safe and healthy to live in. There are organizations to help feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. However, you rarely see a lot of organizations that combine with those initiatives and preserving the Earth. Green America looks for ways to promote green business and fair trade while also helping to build sustainable communities in the US and in other parts of the world.

    In Asia, businesses strive each year to win an award from the Wild Asia Tourism Awards. These awards are given for multiple categories that mostly involve being socially and environmentally responsible with your business practices. Some of the categories include resource efficiency, cultural awareness, wildlife protection, conservation and community engagement. When businesses design their mission statements and practices to work with their communities and local environment, it benefits wildlife, local people and other commerce. It also can affect change farther than your local area. That’s what is really important to understand for businesses that have yet to change over to a greener perspective.

    Going to Las Vegas is a dream come true for some people. There’s a lot of entertainment and gambling going on, but you don’t really consider what the hotels and resorts are doing to conserve on energy. The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort has incorporated multiple environmentally conscious and Earth-friendly practices, such as self-sustaining water recycling systems, solar panels for heating and a waste reuse program. These are just a few of the reasons this hotel was named the “Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America.” Many new green Las Vegas hotels are even catching on and mimicking the “green blueprint” of the Palazzo.

    It is encouraging to see businesses catching on to these programs and green practices. If we are going to protect our planet for future generations, more businesses need to embrace sustainability and continue the trend.

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